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Calcium chloride desiccants more efficient and sustainable

Calcium chloride is a salt with a low environmental impact. It is also highly efficient at absorbing water from the surrounding air. Together with Absortech’s patented design, you get moisture protection for your shipments that outperforms traditional alternatives. At the same time you will do your part in saving the environment,  

More efficient.

Our desiccants can absorb several times their own weight in water. If the temperature is high enough and the air humid enough, the calcium chloride will absorb the moisture from the air and bind it into a gel or dissolve it into a liquid brine. 

All our desiccants are designed to trap the absorbed water in a membrane-protected chamberwhich prevents captured water from spilling and makes reevaporation into the surrounding air very limitedThis opens up for additional ways of installing our desiccants, leading to even higher efficiency.  

Fewer desiccants, less plastic.

This is as simple as it sounds. The higher absorption capacity of our desiccants reduces the quantity you need to protect a single container from moisture damages. This leads to a decrease in the amount of plastic you use through your supply chain.

Imagine saving more than 400 000 bottles of plastic bottles per year! 

 A more sustainable choice.

When you choose Absortech desiccants, you can be sure they contain nothing but calcium chloride and starch, both natural products. Some of the alternative desiccants may contain traces of toxic cobalt, which is harmful to humans, animals and plants. Both calcium chloride and starch, on the other hand, are naturally occurring compounds 

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