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Transparency & Accountability

At Absortech, we prioritize integrity in all aspects of our operations, ensuring fair treatment of employees and partners alike. We adhere strictly to business ethics principles, championing honesty, fairness, and respect in every interaction.

Explore this page to learn more about our ethical framework, our dedication to human rights, and how you can contribute to fostering a culture of integrity and transparency throughout all our touchpoints and supplier chain.


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Human Rights

At Absortech Group, we uphold the fundamental principle of respecting internationally recognized human rights for all individuals associated with our organization, including employees, suppliers, and partners. This commitment extends to various roles, encompassing full-time and part-time employees, consultants, contractors, trainees, temporary workers, migrant workers, senior management, and board members.

We affirm the right of every individual to freely enter into and terminate their employment without coercion or constraint.

Business ethics and anticorruption

We are committed to ethical business practices. We avoid corruption, bribery, and improper benefits, aligning with local customs where appropriate. Conflict of interest is avoided to maintain credibility, and competition laws are strictly followed. Intellectual property rights are respected, and personal data, including that of workers, partners, and customers, is handled securely, in compliance with privacy laws.

Our dedication to upholding these standards ensures transparency, trust, and integrity in all our interactions, fostering sustainable relationships built on mutual respect and accountability.

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Employment Conditions

Absortech Group, along with our suppliers and partners, pledge to uphold the genuine purpose of employment laws. We reject practices such as misusing apprenticeship schemes or exploiting seasonality to undermine workers’ rights.

Our commitment includes providing clear employment conditions, supporting freedom of association and collective bargaining, ensuring fair remuneration, and maintaining decent working hours.

Discover more about our ethics: Read the complete Code of Conduct here.

Channel for whistleblowing

Our whistleblowing platform allows employees, contracted personnel, customers, and partners to report suspicions of illegal actions and breaches of our ethical standards. 

Through the whistleblowing platform, individuals can opt for anonymity if preferred. Anonymity is ensured by Whistleblower Partners, our independent provider for this channel. 

The form should solely be utilized for reporting suspected illegal or inappropriate activities. For feedback concerning Absortech’s products, services or similar matters, please contact us at 

To report misconduct safely and confidentially, access the whistleblower canal:

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