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The automotive industry is characterized by its high-quality demands, where defects cannot exceed more than a handful of parts per million. Errors in the upstream supply chain cause major problems, and defects due to corrosion can endanger production lines.

To avoid corrosion, technologies like surface treatments, oiling and VCI are widely used. These are costly as well as environmentally questionable. But all these solutions can be replaced by using more cost-effective and sustainable desiccants in the AbsorGel® family.

Common products

Engine parts, steering components, brake systems, chassis components, sheet metal products and other metal components.

Common damages and problems

Damaged packaging
Collapsed packaging
Mould and mildew
  • Untreated or in other ways unprotected metal will be exposed to humidity. Therefore, the risk of corrosion is severe.
  • Re-working a corroded part involves both costs and an environmental burden. Or worst case, it must be scrapped entirely.

Our solutions

  • It is essential to make sure unnecessary moisture is not added during packing and loading. This is preferably achieved by reviewing packing/loading using our POMM process.
  • For larger components (chassis, engines, knock-down solutions, etc), protection with AbsorGel® container desiccants is cost-efficient and CO2-neutral.
  • Strongly consider replacing costly and environmentally questionable VCI solutions with AbsorGel® in-box family.

Solutions for the automotive industry

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