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Container desiccants

Container desiccants reduce the humidity in the container and consequently reduce or eliminate the need for in-box protection. It is essentially the same concept as fixing a leaking roof rather than needing buckets to collect the dripping water.

Find the right desiccant

  • Water collection

  • Installation

Make horizontal the default choice

Vertical desiccants are installed in container lashing rings and are designed to occupy minimal space in the container as they either fit into the container wall or are close to the container ceiling.

Horizontal desiccants are placed on top of the cargo (e.g. a pallet). A horizontally installed desiccant outperforms its vertical equivalent as the absorption is higher per kg desiccant installed. Further, the CO2 footprint is minimized as no accessories are needed.

Gel: The absorbed moisture is bound into a gel and thereby prevents leakage. In turn, it means these desiccants can also be used horizontally.

Liquid: The absorbed moisture is captured in a collector.

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