Absortech offers different packaging options depending on your needs


The desiccants from Absortech come in well-organized packaging for efficient, safe shipping and storage. There are different sizes of box depending on the product. Dimensions for each box and pallet can be found in the respective Technical Product Sheet.

Each box has a label which includes necessary information about the content as well as a QR code linking to installation guidelines.

Absortech offers different packaging options for the products depending on the user’s needs:

  • Single-packed
    Each desiccant is individually packed inside an airtight PE bag. This option is convenient for users who would just like to handle or distribute one or a few desiccants each time. Single-packed desiccants are often delivered with recommended accessories, such as an AbsorStick™.
  • Industrial-packed
    Several desiccants are packed inside a larger PE bag. A more sustainable option which generates less plastic and lower cost. Convenient for users who handle or distribute more desiccants each time. The PE bag can easily be folded and kept airtight for storage if needed.

Available packaging options for each product can be found in the Technical Product Sheet for each product. Click here to go to our product page.

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