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At Absortech, we are committed to providing better and more efficient solutions for our customers. That means being at the forefront of moisture prevention solutions. Research & Development plays a key role in fulfilling this commitment.

The main R&D departments are located in Sweden and supplemented by our Chinese organization. Thereby we meet our customers’ needs where they conduct their business.

In our state-of-the-art research, development and testing facilities, we focus on:

  • Researching the latest moisture prevention solutions.
  • Testing and analyzing new materials.
  • Developing new products and solutions based on customer needs.
  • Testing the performance of our products in different scenarios to learn how to optimize our customers’ moisture protection.
  • Assisting our sales, marketing and technical services teams with high-level technical support.
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Innovation and solutions made by Sweden

Focusing on creating new solutions that increase durability, contribute to greater sustainability, increase productivity and help optimize customers’ moisture damage prevention is part of our DNA. We are currently working on:

Sustainable solutions:

We want to contribute to a better environment, that’s why our R&D departments concentrate on developing desiccant solutions with a lower environmental impact. Read more about Absortech’s Sustainability programs.

Increasing efficiency and productivity:

Our R&D constantly focuses on developing solutions that efficiently reduce moisture levels and replace other costly solutions like VCI or costly and unsustainable pre- or rework. Increasing the absorption capacity of our desiccants is one of the areas that concentrate our attention, together with new product development to ensure our customers always have the best solutions.

Better planning and optimizing customers’ moisture damage prevention:

By collecting data from our AbsorTest® (IoT) from shipments all over the world, with different goods and conditions, we gain knowledge and experience that we utilize when planning and recommending optimal moisture protection for a shipment. We combine internal tests in climate chambers with real shipment tests, and the data collected into our database gives us valuable knowledge that we can use within our R&D.

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