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Return-to-Reuse (R-to-R): a pioneer concept

This is a circular system that reuses certain desiccant components in a smart and sustainable way. It’s open to all our customers and carries several benefits on top of a smaller environmental footprint for all involved. The program offers pick-up points where customers return the used components. From there, Absortech arranges consolidated transport back to the Falkenberg plant in Sweden, where they will be reused to produce new products. Of course, these transports will be CO2-neutral. This pioneer concept allows companies to be part of a circular economy process and helps strengthen the sustainability of their supply chain and logistics process. Apart from the obvious reduction in environmental impact, there is also an economic benefit for companies who take part in the R-to-R program.

Compensating you and the environment

Reusing desiccants is one of the best waste management options. It preserves part of the resources used in making a desiccant. If you decide to return your desiccants to Absortech, a certain percentage of the desiccant purchase price will be refunded as a discount or alternatively, via offsetting programs to continue supporting sustainable development projects.

Which desiccants are eligible to be reused?

R-to-R is available for the Absorpole® .

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