Calcium Chloride Desiccant Pouches for Boxes | Absortech

AbsorGel® In-box Pouches

  • AbsorGel® desiccants absorb moisture through permeable Dupont Tyvek®
  • Absorbed moisture reacts with starch and turns into a gel that will not leak
  • Absorbing agent is calcium chloride of 77% or 94% purity and modified starch

Why choose AbsorGel In-box Pouches:

  • Used for protection inside packaging
  • High absorption capacity

AbsorGel Pouch D

2-125 g

Suitable for polybags

AbsorGel Pouch S

25-125 g

Suitable for cardboard boxes

AbsorGel Pouch X

100-125 g

Suitable for crates and pallets

AbsorGel Pouch S & D installation guide

AbsorGel Pouch X installation guide

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