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AbsorGel® Blanket

AbsorGel® Blanket is a desiccant blanket to be placed on top of the cargo, so there is no loss of space for cargo. It is very easy to install on top of pallets before those are loaded into the container or on top of the bags or sacks while loading your products. AbsorGel Blanket only needs a 25 mm space to the container ceiling. Thanks to the ease of installation and its high capacity, this desiccant blanket will allow you to save installation time.

  • AbsorGel desiccants absorb moisture through permeable Dupont Tyvek®
  • Absorbed moisture reacts with starch and turns into a gel that will not leak
  • Absorbing agent is calcium chloride of 94% purity and modified starch

Why choose AbsorGel Blanket?

  • High absorption capacity (>300%)
  • The horizontal installation provides maximum absorption and no accessories needed
  • From a total cost perspective, the Blanket is an optimal product
  • Very easy installation
  • AbsorGel container desiccants are CO2– neutral
  • Low CO2 footprint before offset

Available sizes: 2.0kg

Installation options

Vertically installed

AbsorGel Blanket installation guide

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