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Food loss in supply chains is a large, yet unnecessary problem. Part of the waste is due to moisture damage – but moisture damage can easily be avoided. Absortech offers effective moisture damage prevention solutions. A good process and minor investments in desiccants leads to cost reductions due to reduced scrapping, and contributes to a sustainable food industry.

Common products

Cereal grains, rice, seeds, spices, beans, oilseeds, animal feed, powders, nuts, fertilizers, etc.

Common damages and problems

Mould and mildew
Bad or changed smell
Bad or changed taste
Powder caking
  • Often farming and handling take place in high temperature and high relative humidity climate zones. Therefore, moisture may be brought into the packaging, and into the container.
  • In addition, agricultural products are mostly hygroscopic, meaning they initially absorb moisture that later may be released during shipping.

Our solutions

  • It is essential to make sure unnecessary moisture is not added during packing and loading. This is preferably achieved by reviewing packing/loading using our POMM process.
  • Install the correct number of desiccants from the AbsorRange™ container desiccants family.
  • AbsorRange are high-performing products, with many CO2-neutral.

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