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Electronic products are extremely sensitive to moisture damage during transportation. And with a high value, there are high stakes in each shipment of electronics products. Every product requires careful attention towards humidity control to ensure that these fragile products are delivered safely.

Traditionally, moisture protection has been inside the product packaging using an in-box desiccant, often silica gel. But there is a much more sustainable and cost-efficient way of protecting both products and packaging.

Common products

Household appliances, laptops, printers, TVs, smartphones, etc.

Common damages and problems

Damaged packaging
Collapsed packaging
Peeling labels
  • Exposure to moisture that may impact the packaging quality
  • Corrosion on metal parts

Our solutions

  • It is essential to make sure unnecessary moisture is not added during packing and loading. This is preferably achieved by reviewing packing/loading using our POMM process.
  • Pouches are suitable to protect inside packaging where the moisture comes from the goods packed, but that is not the case with electronics products. Therefore, to protect against moisture in the container, container desiccants should be used as they eliminate the need for in-box protection.
  • We recommend AbsorGel® Blanket or Sheet container desiccant that is CO2 Neutral and easy to install.

Solutions for the Electronics industry

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