Container Desiccant Bags Absorgel Max® and Compact

AbsorGel® Max & Compact

AbsorGel® Max and Compact are desiccants that fit into highly loaded containers as, when installed, they are very close to the container ceiling. The AbsorHanger™ used for Max and Compact can easily be uninstalled upon arrival.

  • AbsorGel desiccants absorb moisture through permeable Dupont Tyvek®
  • Absorbed moisture reacts with starch and turns into a gel that will not leak
  • Absorbing agent is calcium chloride of 94% purity and modified starch

Why choose AbsorGel Max & Compact?

  • High absorption capacity (>300%)
  • AbsorGel Max and Compact are installed very close to the container ceiling
  • Easy to install with smart accessories enabling installation from container
  • AbsorGel container desiccants are CO2-neutral
  • Low CO2 footprint before offset
  • The installation accessory (AbsorHanger) can be recycled.

Available sizes: Compact 0.75 kg and Max 1.5 kg

Installation options

Vertical installation in container lashing ring

AbsorGel Max & Compact installation guide

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