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Absorpole® was the first carbon-neutral container desiccant in the market. It is made with low CO2-footprint calcium chloride, non-woven and recycled plastic. Absorpole can be used for any type of cargo and is designed to occupy minimal space with full functionality.

  • Absorpole pure calcium chloride desiccants (liquid moisture collection).
  • Calcium chloride gradually dissolves into a brine trapped in the plastic collector.
  • Absorbing agent is calcium chloride of 77% purity.

Why choose Absorpole?

  • Robust design
  • Made with 100% recycled plastic
  • Absorpole container desiccants are CO2-neutral
  • Low CO2 footprint before offset
  • Easy to recycle and/or reuse with the R-to-R program

Available sizes: 1.2 kg

Installation options

Vertically installed in one container lashing ring

Absorpole installation guide

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