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In-box desiccants

These products absorb moisture inside a smaller closed packaging like a polybag, a box or a pallet.

Typically, in-box desiccants are used for moisture damage prevention when packaging garments and shoes, but also automotive parts, electronic components, pharma, etc.

Pouches are suitable to protect inside packaging when the moisture mainly comes from the goods packed. However, if protecting against moisture in the container, then container desiccants should be used in this case the AbsorGel Sheet is recommended.

Find the right desiccant

A mix that contains calcium chloride and starch

All our AbsorGel® Pouches and Sheets are made with a mix that contains calcium chloride and starch. The absorbed moisture is bound into a gel and thereby prevents leakage.

AbsorGel® is a very competitive and sustainable alternative that can replace Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI) to prevent corrosion on metal parts.

Typical applications:
Polybag and Cardboard box Pouches S or D 2-50 g
Crates and pallets: Pouches S, X >50 g or AbsorGel Sheet

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