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Cocoa beans are a high-value product but also a very sensitive crop, especially with regard to moisture damage. Due to cocoa beans’ natural condition, the use of desiccants is mandatory during shipping to keep these precious characteristics intact.

Common products

Cocoa beans

Common damages and problems

Damaged packaging
Bad or changed smell
Bad or changed taste
  • Farming and handling take place in high temperature and high relative humidity climate zones. Therefore, moisture may be brought into the packaging, and into the container.
  • At loading, cocoa beans often have a moisture level of approx. 8%. During shipping, part of this moisture will evaporate in the container, so the risk of container rain is severe.

Our solutions

  • It is essential to make sure unnecessary moisture is not added during packing and loading. This is preferably achieved by reviewing packing/loading using our POMM process.
  • We recommend using the high-performance AbsorGel®

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