Sustainable Moisture Absorber Solutions for bottles and cans


Moisture damage during transportation is a significant risk factor for beverage manufacturers. Mould growth, package degradation, and flavour deterioration can all lead to substantial losses and a decline in consumer confidence. 

To mitigate these risks, beverage manufacturers must take the necessary measures to prevent moisture exposure and maintain product quality during transportation. Using desiccants from the AbsorGel® family is one of the most effective and sustainable ways to protect beverages during transit. These desiccants will absorb moisture from the air and prevent moisture damage, ensuring that products arrive in optimal condition.  

Common products

Finished consumer goods:

  • Glass bottled beverages with labels and metal tops 
  • Plastic bottled beverages with labels 
  • Aluminium container beverages with printing 
  • Shelf ready packaging  

Unfinished goods:

  • Empty glass bottles 
  • Empty aluminium containers 

Common damages and problems

Collapsed packaging
Damaged packaging
Mould and mildew
Peeling labels
  • High humidity and condensation can cause corrosion on the metal caps of the bottles. There is also a risk of the labels detaching from the bottles. 
  • The packaging is often made of cardboard which will absorb moisture if the humidity is high (or if there is container rain). The increased moisture content in the packaging increases the risk of mould, the packaging collapsing or being damaged.  

Our solutions

  • It is essential to ensure unnecessary moisture is not added during packing and loading. You can review the packing/loading using our POMM process to achieve this. (should there be a link here maybe?)  
  • Reviewing the packing conditions, such as the temperature of the products and how they are set up in the container, is vital to avoid moisture damage on the products during shipment.  
  • Adding AbsorGel® container desiccants such as Absorgel®Blankets or Sheets on top of the pallets or Absorpole® in the container will decrease the humidity in the containers and reduce the risk of moisture damage.  

Solutions for the Beverage industry

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