Peace of Moisture Mind® – a proven process for moisture damage prevention

A proven moisture damage prevention process

1. Audit

Protecting against moisture damage should start by ensuring excess moisture is not added during packing or loading:

  • Through the packed goods themselves
  • Through the packaging used like boxes, pallets, crates
  • From a bad-quality shipping container
  • And more.

Failure to reduce moisture before loading may lead to expensive or, worst case, incomplete moisture prevention.

POMM concepts used

Icon of a magnifying glass. Icon of an apple.


  • AbsorAudit™ findings


  • Audit report
  • Corrective actions proposal
  • Educational needs

2. Dimension

This step is about finding the most suitable type of desiccant in AbsorRange™ to be used. And the amount of kgs needed for secure moisture damage prevention.

To make a dimensioning recommendation, we use theoretical calculation models in which we also build on customers’ current protection. If any.

But equally important is to make use of practical data gathered from decades of experience and field tests. Out of this, an ‘industrial best practice’ has often been developed.

With a few customer input data, we can make an AbsorSave™ cost, logistic and environmental savings calculation.

POMM concepts used

Icon of a shield with a drop Icon of a graph Icon of a dollar symbol with leaves underneath


  • Packaging, loading and shipment data


  • Dimensioning proposal
  • Cost savings proposal

3. Validate

For larger volumes of container shipments or transports per year, and/or high goods value, we recommend validating the proposed dimensioning by making studies of actual shipments – real-life tests.

In an AbsorTest™, each container is equipped with an AbsorTrack™ data logger to record: temperature, relative humidity, location, lighting and shock. Data is continuously relayed via a cloud-based solution and can be shared, live, with the customer.

POMM concepts used

Icon of a shield with a drop Icon of a drop Icon of a computer screen with a line graph on it


  • Field test(s)


  • AbsorTest™ report
  • Corrective actions proposal

4. Implement

AbsorDel™ makes the AbsorRange™ products available at point-of-use. Delivered on time, in the right amount, and with the most favorable supply chain to optimize landed cost with respect to lead time, shipping costs and import duties.

To complement own stocking points around the globe, our network of partners and distributors allows us to supply to most corners of the globe.

Further, we ensure container-loading personnel are duly educated regarding how the different products in AbsorRange™ should be installed to perform as expected.

POMM concepts used

Icon of a shield with a drop Icon of a world with an orange arrow around it Icon of two people Icon of an apple.


  • Container point-of-use location


  • On-time deliveries
  • Correct installation

Peace of Moisture Mind®

Man with laptop inspecting the inside of a shipping container.
Arm working on a gray laptop.
Man with a moisture measuring equipment analyzing some boxes
Warehouse corridor seen from above

Peace of Moisture Mind® (POMM) is like a recipe for protecting against moisture damage. POMM guides you on which desiccants to use and how to install them — with the AbsorRange™ desiccants the most important ingredient. And just like with a recipe, cutting corners can lead to an unwanted result.

We are all aware that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. And that same principle should be applied when organizing container shipping or transports to avoid moisture damage. It is true that moisture problems arise during the shipping or transport itself. But it is more important to actually make sure the goods are packed and loaded in a way that prevents excess moisture being loaded at the same time. Therefore, applying a 360° perspective is key for a flawless result.

POMM has been developed over decades and is built on the knowledge we have gained working closely with larger companies in a variety of industries. Including a huge number of practical field tests, AbsorTest™.

POMM contains four main steps (which can be continuously improved), and in each we have defined concepts containing tools like: audit questionnaires, test reports, data logging solutions, etc. POMM can be used step-by-step, or standalone like AbsorTest™.

Whether you want a full POMM (AbsorTotal™) or a single step only, turn to an Absortech sales executive for a quotation.

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