Absortech – Production, quality guidelines and certifications

Quality and production

Absortech’s aim is to be at the forefront of moisture protection, which includes having our own research and development as well as production.

Management system

We are founded on the belief that we are responsible for the impact that we have on society, the economy and the environment. We are committed to helping make improvements for humans and the environment within our sphere of influence. This includes the whole supply chain, from extraction of raw materials to the end of use of our products, as well as waste of resources among our stakeholders.

We are committed to always fulfilling and hopefully surpassing our stakeholders’ requirements and expectations. And to fulfill this commitment we have established and certified a group management system according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 (see certificate), and have implemented a policy that influences all our processes. In this policy we commit ourselves to:

  • Always find the correct solution to prevent moisture damage for the stakeholders and deliver this solution within the agreed timeframe.
  • Constantly evaluate and improve quality, environmental and sustainability performance for the AbsorRangeTM products and related processes, and involve all our employees in the improvement process.
  • Ensure that all employees have the right skills for their tasks (skill, knowledge and experience) and ensure that our production is efficient, reliable and safe.
  • Operate in a structured and controlled fashion with clarity in all areas and processes.
  • Make decisions based on facts.
  • Contribute to a circular economy by striving to use renewable or reused material in our products, and produce them with high resource efficiency.
  • Reduce the climate impact from our production sites and our products by preventing pollution of air, soil and water from our processes.
  • Reduce waste and energy consumption, and manage the resulting waste in an environmental manner for all processes and AbsorRange products within their lifecycle.
  • Be a part of our customers’ efforts to decrease their environmental impact.


Our production units are located in Falkenberg, Sweden and in Shanghai, China. The production sites are modern with a focus on safety and efficient production. The machinery has been developed and built in-house or according to our specifications.

The group’s common ERP system is implemented in all our locations which makes supply chain planning reliable, and has a large impact on our high delivery accuracy.

Our workers are trained in accordance to Absortech Quality Guidelines, and production follows our developed quality control program.

Dual dose mixing – the correct way to ensure the right quality

All our container desiccants utilize our Dual Dose Mixing which is an in-house developed feeding system for accurate mixing of calcium chloride and modified starch in automated machinery. This replaces the commonly used pre-mixing where the mixing ratio can vary over time and even inside a production batch.

Dual Dose Mixing is highly important for the reliability and consistent quality of our container desiccants.

A reliable leakage-proof material

The permeable material of a desiccant is also a very important part, and within Absortech we have tested and evaluated many different materials to find the most suitable.

All AbsorGel products are crafted with a spunbonded material made from high-density polyethylene fibers. A tough, durable sheet product that is strong, offers high breathability, and is water-resistant and tear-resistant.

By using a high-quality surface material, we can produce desiccants with single-layer plastic instead of conventional double-layer desiccants. By doing this, we save substantially on plastic and CO2 footprint.

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