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Mould and fungus are two types of moisture damage, which can affect almost any organic product including textiles, leather etc. Rust and discoloration can affect metal parts. But moisture damages can be prevented! A small cost that will save money, save the environment and protect your brand.

Typical damages

Mould and mildew
Bad or changed smell
Peeling labels
Damaged packaging
Collapsed packaging


Moisture damage is a common and costly problem for the garment and footwear industry. The product itself is often packed in a polybag. Excess water inside the bag can cause mould and smell. A “filthy” piece of garment has a strong negative impact on your brand. The outer packaging is often exposed in the shop and a soggy packaging will not sell. A majority of the footwear industry is today utilizing biocide technology. The biocides “attack” the mould once it has started to grow. This method is increasingly questioned from an environmental point of view.


The use of efficient container desiccants will keep the humidity on a harmless level. With in-box desiccants you protect the goods inside a polybag. Silica gel has been commonly used for this purpose, but leading garment brands are banning silica gel due to existence of heavy metals. Absortech’s desiccants are based on calcium chloride which is environmentally neutral and up to 10 times more absorbent, but not 10 times more expensive!

We recommend

AbsorSave™ to study the actual costs for moisture damage (direct and indirect) and to calculate your savings by using Absortech’s desiccants. For Global nomination customers (having global sub-suppliers) Absortech offers AbsorDel™, a complete logistic setup to safeguard global availability of our products.

AbsorSave™ is a part of our offering Peace of Moisture Mind®

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