Absortech industries

Electronics / Telecom / Appliances

This industrial segment contains sensitive electronics and components. It is characterized of both high value per packaging and high value per container shipped. Meaning that big values are at stake in every shipment.

Typical damages

Damaged packaging
Collapsed packaging
Peeling labels


Corrosion and other moisture damages can destroy the products. And a damaged product has a great negative impact on brand experience. Often the packaging itself is exposed on the shop shelf and needs to be in perfect condition. A damaged box means the product is impossible to sell.


By keeping the relative humidity on a safe level during transport the root cause for corrosion is eliminated. And consequently corrosion will not take place. AbsorRange™ efficiently protects against moisture damages within the box or polybag, so called in-box protection. In addition, container desiccants makes sure the outer box arrives in the same condition as loaded. Without peeled labels.

We recommend

AbsorSave™ to study the actual costs for moisture damage (direct and indirect) and to calculate your savings by using Absortech’s desiccants.

AbsorSave™ is a part of our offering Peace of Moisture Mind®

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