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R-to-R: the new circular economy concept for desiccants

Absortech Group, a pioneer in the market, announces R-to-R. It’s a reverse logistics solution for desiccants that aims to reduce the CO₂ footprint of desiccant solutions and help companies reach their sustainability goals.

This is a unique opportunity for our customers to be part of a circular economy process, an opportunity to add value to your company’s supply chain by optimizing the use of resources.

R-to-R, from Return-to-Reuse, will offer pick-up points where our customers can return some used desiccant components. We will arrange consolidated transports to bring desiccant parts back to the Falkenberg plant, where components will pass a quality check and a cleaning process that makes them reusable in new products.

The new solution will contribute to strengthen the sustainability of companies’ supply chains, and allow Absortech to reduce its use of resources to produce new desiccants.

Apart from the obvious reduction of the climate impact, the R-to-R program will also lead to an economic benefit for your company.

Initially, the R-to-R program will be available for Absorpole®, the first carbon-neutral container desiccant.

As an Absortech customer, you will have the possibility to reduce your carbon footprint and collaborate in a circular economy process to reuse components and reduce the usage of new materials.

We are aware of our responsibility to reduce the environmental impact of our supply chain and logistics activities. And we are committed to offering solutions and products to help businesses implement sustainable solutions to prevent moisture damage during transport.

If you would like to join the R-to-R program or would like to receive further information, contact us.

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