Introducing Absortech's latest additions to the sales team

Introducing Absortech’s latest additions to the sales team

Absortech has just hired three new sales leaders who are set to play pivotal roles in driving sales growth across key regions.

Björn Jonasson, Chief Sales Officer (CSO) is a seasoned professional with over two decades of experience in sales and business development within various industries. Björn shared his enthusiasm about joining Absortech, stating, “I’m thrilled to be part of this dynamic team. Absortech’s sustainable container desiccants are perfectly aligned with the industry’s growing demand and I’m excited to contribute to our continued success.


Flut Zhou, Regional Director for Asia, brings his expertise in navigating the complex Asian market with China as the powerhouse, from the perspective of many international firms. Flut expressed his anticipation, saying, “Asia and China are a rapidly evolving market, and I am honored to lead our efforts here. Absortech’s innovative sustainable desiccant solutions are poised to meet the increasing demand in this region.”


Glen Ho, Sales Director for the Southeast Asia Region. Based in Singapore, Glen brings extensive leadership experience and knowledge of the intricacies of multinational operations in local settings in Asia. He noted, “Absortech’s commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction perfectly aligns with the diverse and dynamic Southeast Asian region. I have full confidence that we will achieve remarkable sales growth here.



Absortech’s Vision for Sustainable Growth

The recruitment of this exceptional sales team signifies Absortech’s unwavering commitment to driving exponential growth within the sustainable container desiccant industry. Absortech’s CEO, Rikard Kanmert, emphasized the significance of this strategic move, stating, “Absortech has always been at the forefront of sustainability and innovation in the desiccant industry. With the addition of Björn, Flut and Glen to our team, we are not only reinforcing our commitment but also setting a new industry standard in global sales strategy for sustainable desiccants.

Rikard continues, “Our expansion into these pivotal regions reflects our confidence in our sustainable container desiccants and our trust in the expertise of our new sales leaders. We are enthusiastic about the potential for growth that this dream team brings to the company.

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