Ida Söderblom joins Absortech as People and Culture Business Partner

Ida Söderblom joins Absortech as People and Culture Business Partner

Absortech, is pleased to announce the appointment of Ida Söderblom as the new People and Culture Business Partner for the Absortech Group. With extensive experience in human resources, Ida brings a wealth of knowledge and a genuine passion for cultivating a supportive work environment. She will be based in Falkenberg, Sweden, but will support all Absortech’s companies in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Ida joins Absortech with a strong background in human resources, having previously served as an HR Business Partner in the logistics industry as well as in the Swedish public sector. Her expertise in talent management, employee engagement, and organizational development equips her to create a positive and inclusive workplace culture that fosters employee growth and satisfaction.

I am excited to contribute my skills and experiences to Absortech, a dynamic and growing company,” said Ida. “I am committed to nurturing a work environment that supports the well-being and professional development of our employees.

Absortech recognizes the importance of ensuring a thriving work culture, especially when operating with a global team. With employees located around the world, maintaining effective communication, collaboration, and a sense of unity can present challenges. Rikard Kanmert, Absortech’s CEO’s, explains, “Having a team spread across different regions comes with its unique set of challenges. By bringing Ida onboard as our People and Culture Business Partner, we aim to bridge the geographical gaps and foster a cohesive work environment that transcends borders.

Absortech warmly welcomes Ida Söderblom to the team and looks forward to the positive impact she will make in driving employee engagement and furthering the company’s growth.

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