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The Ghana Cocoa Board approves Absortech desiccants

The Ghana Cocoa Board approved Absortech desiccants, which will now protect the cocoa beans from moisture during their shipments from Ghana. Absortech products have successfully passed a large-scale field test.

The test was conducted last year at the heart of the main cocoa crop. It coincided with the European coldest winter weather, from February to April 2018. Absortech products demonstrated their performance and reliability in real cocoa shipments. Consequently, in October 2018, the Ghana Cocoa Board approved Absortech desiccants. Since then, our desiccants can protect the cocoa beans exported by the Cocoa Marketing Company (CMC).

The test: from Ghana to Japan and Amsterdam

The test consisted on a first batch of ten 40  ft. containers shipped  from Ghana to Japan, as long-distance journey. Furthermore, a second batch of 10 containers transported cocoa beans from Ghana to Amsterdam, as a test for “short distance” to Northern Europe. JLB Expertises, renowned surveillance company in the cocoa industry, conducted this certification test. Their objective was to choose the most efficient and reliable desiccants to protect the cocoa beans from Ghana against moisture damages.

Absortech desiccants passed the test, proving their excellent moisture absorption capacity as well as their reliability. As a result, the Ghana Cocoa Board has approved our product AbsorGel® Max-C 1.8kg. Therefore it can be used on cocoa shipments container dressing departing from Ghana.

About AbsorGel®Max-C 1,8Kg

Absorgel®Max-C 1,8kg absorbs moisture and stores it as a gel; a behaviour highly suitable for cocoa protection against moisture issues. It avoids having liquid water inside the container, which is always a risk, especially when unloading. Its gel form allows it to work longer than other liquid water traps, especially under high temperatures and extreme relative humidity levels. The gel form also makes it safer for longer journeys, like shipping cocoa from Ghana to Asia.

Absorgel®Max-C 1,8Kg, thanks to its largest absorption capacity on the market (up to 4.5 liters), is optimal to protect cocoa beans shipped under challenging conditions. When travelling to Europe/Asia, desiccants require to absorb 40 l / 60 l in order to arrive in good conditions. If you want to know more about AbsorGel®Max click here.

About the Ghana Cocoa Board

The cocoa industry is very important in the economy of Ghana. It employs over 800,000 farm families and is a major contributor to Government Revenue. Due to its importance in the development of the country, the government established in 1947 the Ghana Cocoa Board. It is in charge of all cocoa trading from Ghana and responsible for securing the most favorable arrangements for cocoa trading. Marketing, production, certification or export are some of their fields activities. Above all they guarantee a good price for producers but also ensure high-quality crops. Read more about the Cocoa Board of Ghana.

Absortech desiccants also compliant with the FCC guidelines. Read more about this.

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