Absortech has a new Regional Director for the Americas
Vicente Reynoso in front of an Absortech sign.

Absortech has a new Regional Director for the Americas

Absortech has appointed Vicente Reynoso as Regional Director for the Americas. Reynoso brings a profusion of knowledge to the role with over 6 years of experience working in the industrial manufacturing, packaging, and containers industry, as Program Manager and Business Development Manager for Nefab North America in Arizona and Illinois. Apart from that, he has over 15 years in sales and operations in a wide range of industries.

Vicente will be responsible for Absortech’s sales activities in the Americas.

According to Vicente: He was attracted to Absortech Group by its leadership in sustainability solutions for the industry.

“Absortech is helping reduce the carbon footprint of transport activities besides helping customers to protect their shipments and solving important challenges for key manufacturing industries. It is extremely important to me that Absortech is committed, not only to their stakeholders, workers, and customers but also to society and the environment. Areas outside the organization itself.” says Vicente.

Vicente holds a BA in Mass Communications and is a certified inspector in Dangerous Goods requirements for DOT, IATA and IMDG.

With the addition of Vicente, Absortech’s office in the USA will relocate from Illinois to Arizona. This move will help strengthen communication and business with current customers while still being within reach of potential clients.

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