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Members of the American Beverage Association

Recently, Absortech has joined the American Beverage Association (ABA). This is a trade association that represents America’s non-alcoholic beverage industry. ABA is leading and promoting the sector’s progress in sustainability and changing how the business is done.



Absortech has extensive experience in protecting bottles and cans from moisture damages during transportation. This membership will allow us to increase our understanding of the logistical challenges the industry is facing and how we can be part of improving the quality of the delivered product.

Our goal is to help the association members to improve efficiency and to offer a solution that will produce a better final product while improving sustainability.

We will exhibit at The Packaging Conference 2020

Other beverage industry stakeholders will soon gather at The Packaging Conference 2020. The conference will be held February 3-5 in Austin, Texas. The conference seeks to highlight the latest innovations in technology, design and sustainability in the beverage packaging industry.

Absortech will attend the conference for the first time as an exhibitor. If visitors stop by our booth, they will meet our Regional Manager for America and Global beverage segment leader, Oskar Berg. He will demonstrate solutions for how to avoid moisture damages when shipping cans and bottles.

We offer a step-by-step guide to the beverage industry of how to avoid moisture damage to the product when shipping in a container. It is called Peace of Moisture Mind® (POMM) and offers custom-made solutions to what and how much desiccant to use. Every recommendation is validated with audits, digitally monitored tests and site visits by an Absortech representative.

If you would like to know more about moisture damage prevention solutions for your beverages or would like to meet Oskar Berg at the conference, contact him.

You can read more about ABA on their website.

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