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Container desiccants: Why you never have to choose between performance and the planet.

The bottom line for an effective moisture damage prevention solution has always been performance. Because when you are looking to minimize the risk of moisture damage to valuable goods, your container desiccants just have to perform. But the most reliable, high-performance desiccants can also have another very helpful side effect – they can lead you to the most sustainable solution too.

When you compare how sustainable one container desiccant is to another, there are two main factors to evaluate.

Firstly, the desiccant’s performance, and more specifically, its absorption capacity. Because the better the absorption capacity, the less you need. Which means less raw material, less packaging and less to transport. Absorption capacity alone will point you in the general direction of more sustainable desiccants.

Digging deeper

But to really make the most sustainable choice then you need to look in more detail. What is the exact carbon footprint in relation to this absorption capacity? So not just how much you use but how and where is the material made. This carbon footprint should be set in relation to the absorption capacity. And the smaller carbon footprint in relation to how much moisture the desiccant can absorb, the better.

That might sound like a lot of research and analysis. Even if it’s for a very good cause – to ensure the full value of your cargo with the least impact on the environment. But not to worry, we’ve already done the work.

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The results are pretty graphic

We made this graph to show how the different types of desiccant stack up based on absorption capacity vs. absorption capacity in relation to CO2 footprint. The further to the top right, the better. (Maybe time to say goodbye forever to silica gel?)

Obviously, at Absortech, we were so convinced of the performance and sustainability benefits of 94% calcium chloride that we made it our business. As a high-absorption capacity desiccant, it’s head and shoulders above the rest. And it’s such a natural sustainable choice that it’s even sprayed on roads to melt ice in the ultra-environmentally conscious Nordic region.

Moisture damage prevention without compromise

But we’ve taken it even further. We’ve aimed for CO2 Neutral products through recycling and reusing materials and offsetting any unavoidable CO2 thanks to certified projects like helping plant trees in Ethiopia and supporting solar energy initiatives in India. Because when it comes to a choice between performance and the planet, we’ll always choose both. And without compromise.
Read more about our commitment to sustainability, our CO2 Neutral products and our R-to-R recycle and reuse program here.

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