What is the easiest way to save money on moisture protection?

The easiest way to save money on moisture protection? Buy less.

Are you using too much laundry detergent? And are you overpaying to protect your cargo from moistureBoth have the same thing in commonLess is more. Often much more.

Bear with us – this really is all about moisture prevention in shipping containers. But to be sure of getting the best and most cost-effective solution for you and your needs then it helps to explain it with an analogy.  

The dirty truth about laundry detergent

How much laundry detergent do you use? Well, for a normal load, and using today’s advanced, concentrated detergents formulated for modern machines, you need 1 tablespoon. That’s right, 1 tablespoon!! Maybe 2 if you and your family have been on the muddiest camping trip ever. 

In reality, most of us use much more than that, perhaps because we’re just so used to traditional detergents from the last century. But the truth is, even though the price per bottle may be higher, we can now clean our clothes better and more cost-effectively than with cheaper old-fashioned detergents. 

What’s that got to do with moisture prevention?

It’s all about your bottom line and getting more bang for your buck. Using higher-concentration, higher-quality and more effective calcium chloride desiccants can mean that you pay more per piece but use significantly fewer – and overall you pay significantly less for the level of moisture prevention you require. As well as being more sustainable and saving on storage space and installation costs. 

Here’s a comparison we’ve often encountered for a typical container: 

Desired moisture prevention level = 
 10 x 1 kg standard calcium chloride desiccants
 6 x 1 kg Absortech calcium chloride desiccants  

 10 kg vs. 6 kg … that’s a major difference that translates into a lower overall spend on desiccants. Not to mention a much lower total cost in use with less material to store and handle during installation and disposal.  

Your bottom line

If you use more cost-effective desiccants, how much you save per shipment and per year will depend on the type and volume of cargo you ship. But talk to us and we can put a figure on it using our Peace of Moisture Mind® approach for tailoring and optimizing moisture prevention to your specific needs.  

Also, if you want to find out more about the difference between desiccants and their cost-effectiveness, we took a deep dive into the details here. 

And please remember: if you’re going to buy less from anyone, buy less from us.  

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