What happened to the blue collector of Absorpole? 

What happened to the blue collector of Absorpole®? 

Absorpole® has protected products from moisture damage since 1996. The virgin plastic collector that keeps the absorbed moisture has been blue ever since. Until now, that is. The reason for this change is that blue is not the natural colour of virgin plastic. It’s transparent, but for brand and design purposes, it’s often coloured with chemical dyes.

At Absortech we’re committed to sustainability and as an effect of that commitment, we have taken a good look at our entire operation. We started at the very base of our production system – the raw materials we use to make our products. That lead to a decision to change all plastic used to manufacture Absorpole® and replace it with recycled plastic.

Recycled plastic is usually made by a mix of plastics of distinct colours sourced from recycling plants. Because of the mixture of colours, recycled plastic usually comes in shades of light to dark grey. To stay true to our sustainability commitment, we have stopped adding dyes to recycled plastic.

The result is a collector made from 100% recycled material that comes in its natural colour. It’s also completely sustainable and brings a significant decrease in the product’s CO₂ footprint. The top part of the desiccant will still be grey because the recycled plastic we use for that part comes in that colour.

To us, being sustainable means covering all aspects of our operation and optimize regarding what’s best for our planet. That’s why we choose to invest in R&D in search of new, more sustainable raw materials for our products.

We call it the first carbon neutral desiccant because its climate impact will be reduced by 60%, due to the following characteristics:

The now off-white collector is made with 100% recycled plastic, a material with a lower carbon footprint than the previous PE plastic. As mentioned, the non-addition of ink to colour the plastic eases the recycling process after usage and avoid adding any unnecessary chemicals.

Grey part plastic is also made from recycled material, a material with 60% less CO₂ footprint than regular PP plastic.

So, does this mean that Absorpole will be different?

Yes. But only from the outside, as we’ve made sure that the quality and efficiency remain the same. you’re interested in the world’s first carbon neutral desiccant.

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