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We don’t talk about that

When we’re faced with problems we can’t fix, denial is a common reaction. It’s no fun thinking about things you can’t do anything about. Denial does, however, become problematic when we’re wrong. With moisture damage in shipping, that’s often the case. Companies think there’s little to do and so they do little (or nothing) to solve the issue.

It all comes down to knowledge. The lack thereof, to be precise. For a long time there were few reasonable options available to handle moisture damage. That has likely lead to a widespread acceptance there’s nothing you can do about it. But that’s just not true.

Our calcium chloride desiccants absorb the harmful excess of moisture in a shipping container if correctly dimensioned. In addition to outperforming all the traditional alternatives, the weight of the AbsorGel® desiccants needed for a standard container is significantly lower.

Often, 8 kg of AbsorGel will do the job. In comparison, you would need approximately 10 times more silica gel or clay to reach the same level of protection.

So, there’s a simple solution to this problem. But to solve it (and save a lot of money) you have to start talking about it.

When you’ve let us help you take care of it, you can go back to not talk about it with a good conscience.

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