VCI doesn't offer full protection from moisture damages

VCI doesn’t offer your metal shipments full protection from moisture damages

To offer full protection from moisture damages, you need to ensure there is no excess moisture in the environment your goods are shipped in. It may sound like a daunting task, but it really isn’t. It’s what we do.

Let us explain why our desiccants provide your shipments with better protection from rust than traditional VCI coating.

Save time, money and the environment.

VCI means that you wrap your products with plastic or install VCI emitters within your boxes. It takes time but it also takes a toll on the environment. Besides, VCI is usually not used as a stand-alone solution. Instead, it’s often used together with other surface protection solutions, having an even higher environmental impact.

By switching your focus to eradicating the problem with excess moisture, you attack the root of the problem. When the moisture level is kept under a certain level, there will be no rust. Also, by choosing our desiccants instead of VCI, you can decrease the plastic needed to protect your product by 20% up to 80%.

How much you save depends on the way you package your cargo. Some products require plastic in order to keep the packaging environment airtight.

All things considered, this reduction in plastic usage means big savings for the planet over the course of a year.

No leaking. No moisture damage.

You probably want the highest possible reliability in terms of protection for your metal products. Rust from moisture is just too expensive, all things considered. We’re confident to say that our solution is the most reliable form of protection there is. Our desiccants don’t let any moisture out once it’s been trapped inside them.

We even have blankets which can be placed directly on the product they are protecting, as no water will leak from them.

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