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Speed is key

It’s easy to get your eyes stuck on just one part of a complex system. This applies to fighting moisture damage to shipments. There’s more to it than absorption factor and cost per desiccant. Manual labour needed to install the desiccants, for example.

When you go with us, you need less desiccants per container, because our calcium chloride solution is more effective than other desiccants.

In order to absorb 20 litres of moisture in a container, you would normally need around 8 pieces of an AbsorGel® Hanging (each piece weighs 1 kg). The equivalent using silica gel or clay would be 40 pieces (2kg each). That’s 32 more pieces to install.

Let’s assume you ship 500 containers a year. 500 containers times 32 extra pieces amounts to 16 000 additional installations. That’s a lot of extra work.

And that’s not all.

The AbsorGel can, with its clever hook device, be installed from the container floor. Clay and silica gel are often installed with a cable tie, which demands a ladder to reach the lashing rings.

Give these figures a minute and you’ll see there’s a lot of money to save here. And there’s one last thing to add to the equation: The lesser environmental impact.

  • 8 kg of AbsorGel compared to 80 kg of clay or silica gel per container, means 36 000 kg less to transport and store if you are shipping 500 containers per year.
  • Assuming 5% of the weight of every desiccant is its plastic packaging, you will save 1 800 kg of unnecessary plastic. That’s the equivalent of 200 000 0.5 litre PET bottles.

There’s more to this than the cost per piece.

Look at the big picture, take all aspects into account and you can save a lot of money and environmental impact.

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