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Reasons to choose an ISO certified desiccant supplier

Joakim Carlsson, COO Absortech Group during a interview

There will always be room for error in a complex world. But there are measures a company can take to limit the risk of costly mistakes. The first step is to establish a management system that includes processes for how things are done. The goal here is to find a common way to work and be as efficient as possible.

The natural second step is to have that system ISO certified according to standards for Quality and Environmental Management System (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001). ISO is short for International Organization for Standardization and means that what’s certified meets international standards for quality and environment. The certification is carried out by a third party, that checks that the audited company meets the requirements in the standards.

We sat down with our COO Joakim Carlsson to get a better idea of the benefits of a well-founded management system and ISO certification.

Hello Joakim! Can you tell us what ISO certification is?

I think a lot of people view ISO certification as an expensive pile of dusty papers in a drawer somewhere. But this couldn’t be further from reality, at least for us. Our management system was created from ISO standards and they have contributed to the great value our system gives us in our daily operations.

Our Management System is based on a risk and opportunity analysis of our stakeholders and environmental aspects. And our stakeholders are for example clients, partners and suppliers but also laws in different countries, banks and insurance companies. There are many more of course, but just to give you an idea.


How does this affect the business, what positive effects can a company expect from this investment?

The effects are significant. First of all, an ISO certified management system ensures that decisions are made based on facts and not assumptions. Our management system includes the company’s vision and all processes, goals and policies. It offers clarity and brings the organization together, while it gives our clients and partners security.

It’s also an asset when making external deals, as the standards show that we fulfill a lot of requirements that would otherwise be time consuming to specify. Finally, the system systemizes follow up on targets and drives improvements.

Can your customers and partners benefit from your management system?

In our case, we are a group certified company. That means that our entire operation is certified, and that we do things the same way, no matter where you do business with us. This is important as it guarantees quality and reliability.

In what way does ISO certification affect a company’s sustainability profile?

The management system is the foundation of our sustainability profile. Within the management system we have identified the environmental impact of all our processes, but also of our products and their impact from the “cradle to the grave”. By mapping and evaluating our environmental impact in a structured way, we have been able to find our most efficient path to a sustainable future.

This includes taking care of and recycling waste from production and reducing our energy consumption. But the materials and the suppliers we work with are what’s most important. Our goal is to reduce the carbon footprint of our products, so that we and our customers can contribute to a sustainable future.

Thank you Joakim!

Hopefully this insight has given you a clear view of the benefits of ISO certification. It’s an important tool for a company in many different ways. On top of the positive effects to the organization itself, the certification is a statement of quality and responsibility that may be just as significant.

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