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Natural is best

Outperforming the competition is not enough

We can help you get rid of expensive moisture damages to your shipments. And we do it well – our desiccants outperform traditional alternatives. To a significant lower total cost. But that’s not enough, as there are important additional regards to take into account.

The desiccants you get when partnering up with us are made of calcium chloride. It’s highly effective at keeping your shipment’s moisture on harmless levels. The absorption factor is 10-12 compared to 1.0 for traditional desiccants made of clay or silica gel. But calcium chloride is also a natural product with a low environmental impact.

For sure, clay is also a natural product, but far less effective as a desiccant. On the other hand, low grade silica gel (the grade used for desiccants) has been banned by leading garment manufacturers because it may contain heavy metals.

Want to learn more? Here are some additional facts about calcium chloride:

Facts about Calcium Chloride

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