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Let’s zoom out for a sec

We want simple answers. It’s just the way we are wired as humans. But it becomes a problem when we stare ourselves blind on a small part of a complex chain of events and try to solve that single issue.

It’s like mopping up water from a leak instead of fixing the actual leak.

This is common in moisture control in shipping, where many companies act reactively by only adding desiccants to their containers. Sure, it helps, but how can you know how many desiccants to add if you don’t know how much water there is in the container?

Well, you might take height for that and add lots of desiccants. But that means you’re likely to throw away a lot of money.

We don’t work like that.

We work together with you to achieve a clear picture of your prerequisites. And ensure you don’t accidentally add excess moisture yourself through the way you pack your goods or load them. Then we take well-weighed measures to solve your challenges in the most cost-effective way.

Done this way, our way, you can then relax knowing your shipments are protected. And that you’re no longer contributing to the yearly 50 billion dollar cost of moisture damages in shipping.

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