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If things only were simple…

Then you could just compare the price of different moisture absorbers and choose the cheapest one. There, done! That would most likely mean we would have a hard time because our desiccant bags aren’t the cheapest on the market. Yet, we’re growing quickly. So how does that add up?

Let’s start with calcium chloride.

It’s what we use in our desiccants, and they’re very effective. This means you will need fewer bags to reach the same level of protection as many of the alternatives such as clay and silica gel. Much fewer.

Already here, the price per bag has become rather irrelevant. It’s the total cost that matters.

Also, the calcium chloride we use is 94% purity or more, which is the highest quality level. The majority of calcium chloride desiccant manufacturers use 77% purity. Why? Because it is cheaper. The 94% provides 20% higher absorption. So, if you use 10kg of 77%, you will only need 8 kg of 94% to do the same job.

Another factor (that few take into account) is installation time. And here it gets even more interesting.

Let’s look at an example

Say you’ve made an audit and come to the conclusion that you need to absorb 20 kg of moisture in your container.

Choosing clay or silica gel, you would need 80 kg of desiccants (performing at 25 % absorption). Each desiccant bag typically weighs 2 kg, so you will need 40 bags.

The average installation time of this type of desiccant is two minutes. That adds up to 80 minutes per container. The labour cost is usually around $10 per hour, so the installation cost per container is $13.

Choosing AbsorGel®

Now let’s compare that to our desiccant AbsorGel® Blanket with 94% purity, installed horizontally (lying on the palletized cargo).

You would need 8 kg of our desiccant to absorb 20 kg of moisture. Each blanket contains 2 kg of AbsorGel® desiccant, meaning you would four need bags.

The installation time per bag is half a minute, adding up to a total installation time of two minutes. With the same labour cost of $10, that’s $0.3 per container.

The savings amount to $12.7 per container.

How many containers do you ship per year? And what do you pay per hour for labour?

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