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How to protect goods against corrosion

Plus AbsorGel® vs. VCI: an environmental and cost comparison

When you ship metal goods and components, corrosion is your worst enemy. And it costs —damaged cargo must be re-worked or even scrapped, costing precious time and money throughout the supply chain and weakening supplier trust. Not to mention, adding to the burden on the planet and its resources.

So preventing corrosion is a big deal. But what’s the best way to do it? You can cover goods in oil or grease, wrap them in special plastic or even ship by air. However, these methods are expensive and not very sustainable — especially when a cheaper, better-performing and much more sustainable desiccant like AbsorGel® is available.

Read our white paper on Corrosion Prevention to get familiar with the issues and explore your options. And check out the detailed comparison report between AbsorGel and VCI, the special “volatile corrosion inhibitor” plastic coverings. Spoiler alert: AbsorGel has the same or better performance but is over 50% cheaper, uses over 60% less plastic and leaves a CO2 footprint that is over 75% smaller!

Happy reading — and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want to discover exactly how much your own tailored corrosion prevention solution can help you, your goods and the planet.

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