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How healthy is your cargo?

The moisture damage doctor will see you now. 

Medical professionals know that prevention is better than cure. Yes, they have the fancy technology and expensive pharmaceuticals to successfully treat many illnesses and diseases. But it’s still much, much better to prevent the illness in the first place and keep people healthy.  

That’s why giving people regular check-ups, blood tests and screening them for underlying conditions is the best way to manage people’s health and deliver the best outcomes.  

“OK, you’ve reminded me about my annual check-up … but what does this have to do with my cargo?” A very good question. 

Well, checking the health of your moisture damage prevention and screening for any serious risks to your cargo is what we do at Absortech. Specifically, that’s what our Peace of Moisture Mind® process (POMM) is all about.  


Making the right diagnosis

See us as your moisture damage doctor. And see the very first step, Audit, as a check-up where we diagnose your situation and how to treat it. In the following steps (Dimension, Validate and Implement) we provide effective treatment and, like any good doctor, we follow up to make sure it’s working as planned. All to ensure that your cargo stays as healthy as possible — and you avoid the costly risks that can be lethal to your bottom line.  

  • For example, during the Audit, we might discover that the wooden pallets used for shipping are left outside in the rain before loading. And 3x the moisture protection is needed to compensate for this excess moisture…
  • Or we find that metal goods are being individually packed in special plastic bags, also with an in-bag desiccant, when the right container solution would save a lot of time and money — and be much more effective too…

Treat the whole container. Not just the cargo.

Because controlling and minimizing moisture in the container as a whole is the best prevention of all. And when you use other solutions or compensate with over-dimensioning, you’re effectively popping painkillers to feel healthy. But the source of your pain is still there. And the pain will keep coming back – trust your doctors on that.  

A full health check. With your clothes on.

Rest assured, we won’t ask you to strip off and cough. But a well-executed moisture damage prevention strategy needs to go deep into how goods are supplied, packaged, loaded and shipped. Covering the amounts and types of desiccants to be used, making sure they are available when needed, and educating personnel during packaging and loading. But it’s worth it – we do this together with you to ensure your goods arrive in the healthiest condition and you have complete peace of mind. 

Read more about the POMM moisture damage prevention process here. Or contact your local Absortech representative about getting a check-up. 

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