Absortech at the World Cashew Convention 2019

Meet Absortech at World Cashew Convention

Abu Dhabi will become the capital of cashew business in two weeks. The Intercontinental Hotel will hold the 5th Edition of the World Cashew Convention & Exhibition, from the 24th to the 26th of January. More than 240 delegates from over the world will meet during 3 days and will discuss about opportunities and threats cashew business will face in the future.

Absortech will attend the exhibition. Ted Rotkirch and Raphaël Lessinger will be at Booth 19 sharing our solutions against moisture damages. They will also show our Peace of Moisture Mind® process to all present delegates, our step-by-step process that helps companies to find the right solution for protecting their products from moisture damages during the entire moisture chain.

You can book a meeting with our delegates here.

Figures about world cashew business

According to the International Nut & Dried Fruit Council cashew production reached near 790.000 metric tones in the 2017/2018 season. A quantity that raises very year. The Western Africa countries led the production, amounting to 43% of the world share. Import and export business are very important for these appreciate tasty nuts. Every year more than 500,000 metric tones of cashews are imported, being USA the first country on quantity of import and Vietnam the main world exporter, representing the 56% from all world cashew exports.

How moisture affects cashews

As other agriculture products, moisture during shipment can affect cashew properties. Bugs or mould may appear and the smell and the taste for this appreciate nut can change due to that. Avoiding moisture damages during transport and storage is crucial to keep the product under good conditions. Absortech offers an effective desiccant range for moisture damage prevention. With a small cost, damages on cashews during shipment can be easily avoided. Our dessicants assure goods are arriving in the same conditions as loaded. Learn more about our solutions for shipping moisture control for agricultural products here.

The Ghana Cocoa Board approves Absortech desiccants

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