Absortech at the Z, Germany, for the next 4 days

Absortech at the Z Exhibition in Leipzig

Today starts the Z, one of the leading trade fairs specializing in parts, components, modules, technologies and industrial services that is held every 2 years in Europe. Last edition concentrated over 24 000 visitors. Absortech is present on the 2019 edition at own booth B53, Hall 4. You can visit here the official exhibition website.

Products on machinery and components segment, as many others, are sensitive to the damages that moisture can make on an unprotected cargo. Our participation at the exhibition is key to get an approach to the supply and production technology industry, expose our innovative solutions for moisture problems and showing visitors how an small investment can increase the profit from their companies and help them to supply high quality products in excellent conditions.

​​Rust and discoloration can badly affect metal from machinery and components during long-term transport and storage. ​Absortech desiccants have proved to be more efficient than common moisture protection solutions like VCI or oiling besides protecting from other damages that moisture may cause inside the container and during storage apart from corrosion.

Our offering goes beyond the supply of desiccants, paying special attention on treating the moisture problem along the supply chain, through our innovative step-by-step process Peace of Moisture Mind®.

Read more about our process and contact us to get the right solution for your company.

Absortech at the World Cashew Convention 2019

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