Absortech at SCANPACK 2018

Absortech at ScanPack 2018

Learn how a small investment – will save money, save the environment and protect your brand at SCANPACK 2018 in Gothenburg

Goods are traded all around the world for every second as we speak, to be more exact each every year 1,7 billion metric tons of goods are shipped in containers globally. This number is a significate indicator of the condition of our economy. But each year a value of 500 billion USD goods do not reach the end-customer because the goods are damaged. Absortech is one of those companies whom successfully have been focusing on minimizing the number of damage goods for companies by offering effective dessiccant range for moisture damage prevention. Today, approximately 10% of all the damage goods are caused by moisture damages during shipment and this can be avoided with a small cost that will save money, save the environment and protect companies brands.

Most commonly brands recognize damages in their goods when corrosion, mould, bugs, peeling labels or damage packaging are found when either the container is opened or when receiving the goods – these are all indications of moisture damages in the shipment. Absortech will be present at the Scanpack 2018 on 23rd – 26th of October, 2018 in Gothenburg, stand F04:22 where there will be a comprehensive knowledge sharing on solutions for moisture problems. Moisture does not only occur at shipment but it can occur during the sourcing, manufacturing and packaging process as well.

“Absortech has therefore launced Peace of Moisture Mind® which is a step-by-step process to help brands find the right solution for protecting their products from moisture damages during the entire moisture chain – From end-to-end!” says Rikard Kanmert, CEO of Absortech Group

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