AbsorPartner Humble Voyager Industrial at Automation Taipei

Our AbsorPartner in Taiwan, Humble Voyager Industrial Co., Ltd., will participate in the Taipei International Industrial Automation Exhibition. They will be exhibiting at booth R625 from the 21st to the 24th of August. For a second consecutive year, Taipei will host this exhibition that attracted 129,588 visitors in 2018. Automation Taipei will bring together companies focused on Industrial Automation, Robot Technology, Industrial Automation ICT and software among others.

AbsorPartner in Taiwan Humble Voyager Industrial will exhibit at Automation Taipei 2019

Moisture damages during transport affect all types of products and industries. The cargo value of sensitive electronic components or quality equipment is often quite high. It is therefore important to protect the products from costly moisture damages during transit. Absortech’s products and services, offered in Taiwan through our AbsorPartner, can help companies in these sensitive tech industries to avoid moisture damages by developing and implement a solid moisture protection strategy and match that with the correct type of desiccant.

Failure to address moisture problems often result in corrosion of parts, peeled labels and collapsed boxes.

At the exhibition, Humble Voyager Industrial will also introduce the latest addition to Peace of Moisture Mind®, called AbsorTrack™. This is a technology developed in Sweden that allows companies to monitor their shipments in real-time and track the live conditions of temperature, relative humidity, shock and light inside the container as well as location.

 If you are going to visit the exhibition and you would like to meet with our partners of Humble Voyager Industrial, please find their contact information here.

For further information about Taipei Automation, visit the exhibition website.

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