Finding the cause and saving your costs

Absortech offering Absortech offering
Audit is the first step in the moisture chain. Root cause analysis and corrective actions for increased shipping productivity. A "what-if" calculation of cost savings and a look into other consequences.
Absortech offering
  • Finding the root causes for moisture damage
  • Approximately 100 elements reviewed
  • Conducted at production site(s)
  • Conducted by Absortech personnel
  • Comprehensive report with corrective actions proposals
  • Creation of your corporate Moisture Guideline
  • Desiccant dimensioning proposal(s)
  • Quoted on request
Absortech offering
  • Capitalize on moisture damage prevention
  • Value chain investigation
  • Direct cost drivers
  • Indirect cost drivers
  • Extensive report with recommendations
  • Based on our Best Practice experiences
  • Conducted by experienced Absortech personnel
  • A complete business case and what the savings can be by using Peace of Moisture Mind®
  • Typically follows after AbsorAudit
  • Quoted on request

Tip of the iceberg

Moisture damage results in big losses. At Absortech we think it's unnecessary to expose your products to moisture during container transport. Surprisingly many companies accept the large scrapping costs that follow. But these are only a "tip of the iceberg" cost, many miss the hidden costs:

  • Direct scrapping cost
  • Re-packing cost
  • Decontamination cost
  • Production interruption cost
  • Bad will cost
  • Environmental waste/damage cost
  • Missed business opportunities cost
  • Seasonable sales
  • Lost revenues from cancelled deliveries

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