New appointment with the automotive industry at BIAME

Absortech at BIAME Automotive Manufacturing Industry Expo in Beijing

The 2019 edition of the Beijing International Automotive Manufacturing & Industrial Assembly Expo will be held at China International Exhibition Center, Beijing. The expo will take place the 22, 23 and 24 of April and will receive more than 50.000 visitors. Absortech team will be there at booth A166 showing all the visitors how Peace of Moisture Mind® can help their companies to increase their profit by protecting their products from moisture damages that occur during transportation.

The economic potential of the implementation of Peace of Moisture Mind® process in a vehicle or automotive industry is substantial because the value of goods shipped in a container can be very high. At Absortech we know that damage rate during international transport can be significant considering how sensitive automotive parts are to moisture consequences like corrosion.  Additional moisture damages can occur in automotive industry.

The cost of replacing all the scrapped goods would be high, but even if a company decides to restore them instead of scrap them, to bring those goods to their original conditions by the application of treatments has a cost.  On the other hand, companies can protect their containers through a very simple and fast installation process. Peace of Moisture Mind® provides the proper solution to each customer and helps them to apply a global solution for moisture into their full supply chain. Customers can choose which stage from the process their company needs. Our step-by-step solution can be thought as a global concept but can be also divided into specific processes to help industry eliminate unnecessary costs, protect their brand from the consequences of the unavoidable climate conditions and collaborate, through the reduction of the use of resources, to save the environment.

Visit BIAME website for further information about the expo. Contact our sales team in China if you are interested in Peace of Moisture Mind© or need a customized solution to avoid moisture damages during transport on the automotive industry.

MOST and Absortech Group close exclusive partnership

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