Research & Development

With our Research & Development (R&D) located in Sweden and China, we meet our customers’ needs where they conduct their business. We work closely together to develop specifically customized solutions. Our mission is to protect your products – and your brand.

Our international set-up also enables us to employ the best people, regardless of nationality and location. In our state-of-the-art research, development and testing facilities, we focus on:

  • Research on the latest moisture prevention solutions
  • Developing new products and solutions based on customer needs
  • Partnering with customers to customize solutions according to their specific requirements
  • Assisting our sales, marketing and technical services teams with high-level technical support


We also work hard to create new solutions that increase durability, contribute to greater sustainability and increase productivity.

  • Sustainable solutions: We want to contribute to a better environment, that’s why our R&D department concentrates on developing desiccant solutions with natural and unharmful substances, free from plastics.
  • Increasing efficiency and productivity:

Moisture damage is as unpredictable as it is costly. No one knows for sure the costs, but the amount is substantial. Insurers estimate that approximately 12% of all container shipment damage is moisture related. Our R&D constantly focus on developing solutions that efficiently reduce moisture levels and replace other costly solutions.

Product development

Absortech invests heavily in product development in order to ensure our customers always have the best solutions.

  • Focus on quality: We have stringent quality demands to ensure we deliver high-performing, environmental friendly products and solutions. To secure the entire value chain we even make the machines for our productions ourselves. All new products are tested thoroughly in our in-house test facilities, and by external test institutes, according to international standards, including test procedures and evaluation.

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