We are a global pioneer in stopping moisture damage in container transport

How and where

The harsh conditions of a container transport passing through several climatic zones with wide temperature and humidity fluctuations, rough treatment and long shipment times are often causing costly moisture damages. It appears as rust, mold, fungus, odor, discoloration, crumbling of cartons and direct product damage.

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Inside a container

Shipping in containers is an economical and safe way of shipping most types of cargo. But putting cargo into an enclosed steel box also means a constant risk of moisture damage for almost every kind of cargo on every voyage.

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Why calcium chloride?

Calcium chloride is highly effective, it is one of the most hygroscopic materials when it comes to absorb moisture from surrounding air. It is also non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Calcium chloride desiccants work well over a temperature range from freezing point up to 80°C or more. Calcium chloride is the active compound in all Absortech products.

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Absortech is a knowledge-based company specialized in preventing moisture damage for all kind of industries during container transport. We know that each industry faces its own moisture challenges, and therefore needs its own solutions.

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Research & Development

At Absortech, we are committed to provide better and more efficient solutions for our customers. That means to be at the forefront of moisture prevention solutions. Research & Development plays a key role in fulfilling this commitment.

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Environment & CSR

At Absortech we continuously seek to minimize our footprint in the way we source, manufacture and sell our products. Taking responsibility for customers, employees and society is not new to us. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability are deeply incorporated in the Absortech’s way of doing business.

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