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Forwarding / Stuffing

This segment does not normally have own goods to protect. However, your customers rely on you to stuff and/or ship their goods in a safe way. By joining forces in combining stuffing and shipping expertise with moisture protection expertise we can suggest the best possible solution for your customers.

Typical damages

Bad or changed smell
Bad or changed taste
Mould and mildew
Powder caking
Collapsed packaging
Damaged packaging
Peeling labels


Moisture damage protection is often something that everybody thinks that somebody else is taking care of. And the problems don’t get addressed in a preventive way. Instead, when the damages occur, everyone is blaming someone else for the consequences.


At Absortech, we believe moisture damage protection to be a “value add offer” for this segment. In the eyes of your customers, you are respected for your professionalism as you address the problem and make them aware of it. It will also provide you with a source for increased income. But most important – the cargo of your customers is safe and the entire value chain is saving money. And the impact on the environment is reduced!

We recommend

AbsorSave™ to study the actual costs for moisture damage (direct and indirect) and to calculate your savings by using Absortech’s desiccants. For Global nomination customers (having global sub-suppliers) Absortech offers AbsorDel™, a complete logistic setup to safeguard global availability of our products.

AbsorSave™ is a part of our offering Peace of Moisture Mind®

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