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Yearly cocoa trade worths over $9B worldwide, which means millions of tons of cocoa beans are shipped every year. Cocoa beans are a high valued product but also a very delicate crop. Due to its natural conditions, the use of desiccants on cocoa transport is mandatory to keep beans precious characteristics intact.

Typical damages

Mould and mildew
Bad or change smell


The moisture level of the cocoa beans, the sensitivity to moisture damages and the weather at origin, countries with high moisture levels in air, are facts that determine the conditions of its transport. Shipping cocoa beans in containers without a solution to keep the moisture on a harmless level is not an option. It’s fundamental to ensure the cocoa beans will arrive to destination in the same condition as loaded.


The Federation of Cocoa Commerce requires the use of container desiccants with a minimum of 65% calcium chloride, having proved to be the most efficient solution with the highest moisture absorption performance. Absorbing the excess moisture during shipping will keep the relative humidity in a container on safe levels avoiding moisture jeopardize the natural and valuable cocoa attributes.


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