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Absortech is an expert in protecting container shipments from costly moisture damages in all kinds of industries. Peace of Moisture Mind® is a concept to locate improvement areas throughout the entire moisture damage change. And with our AbsorRange™ we have the right product for respective cargo shipped.

Typical damages

Peeling labels
Damaged packaging
Collapsed packaging
Mould and mildew


The outer packaging is often exposed on the shelves in the supermarket. And a defect box is normally not sellable. In addition, a bottle with a peeling label is not attractive to the consumer and has a negative impact on your brand. Further, a carton corner softened by moisture may cause your cargo to tilt. Adding a lot of indirect costs when unloading.


By using Absortech’s container desiccants to absorb the excess water these moisture damages can be eliminated. With our clever installation accessories a container can be dressed in minutes. And shortened installation time means improved profit. Especially in a volumized business as beverage.

We recommend

AbsorSave™ to study the actual costs for moisture damage (direct and indirect) and to calculate your savings by using Absortech’s desiccants.

AbsorSave™ is a part of our offering Peace of Moisture Mind®

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