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Absortech is an expert in protecting container shipments from costly moisture damages. For most industrial segments we have a specialist following the specific needs – ensuring we follow applicable legislation, participates in major segment associations, involve with major stakeholders and ensure our R&D meets existing and new, specific segment demands.

Typical damages

Peeling labels
Damaged packaging
Collapsed packaging


The automotive and aerospace industry is characterized of its high-quality demands, often measured in ppm’s, driven by ISO/TS 16949 and similar certifications. However, quality focus and awareness during shipping is often forgotten. Or advanced and costly measures of preventive actions are taken; like surface treatments, oiling, VCI-technology etc. Alternatively, reactive measures as re-plating, degreasing, scrapping etc are needed. Again, very costly.


The use of desiccants to absorb excess moisture during shipping is a much more cost-efficient solution. Our desiccants are based on calcium chloride, which widely outperforms traditional methods like clay and silica gel. Absortech offers a global supply chain making the products available from local stocks. And offer at sight assistance via own companies or Absortech Partners.

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